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NEWLY FINISHED CUSTOM BROWNING B25 20 bore, Barrels 32", Chokes Full & Full, solid Game Rib 6mm tapering to 4mm. Action with D4G style engraving by Master Engraver, J.M. Smetts. Stock 15" half pistol grip, beautifully figured with 3 piece forend, weight 6lbs 12ozs
This gun is finished to the highest possible quality. Price £16,500
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BROWNING B25 A1 12 bore, Barrels 27½", Choke ½ and full, ventilated rib, Stock 14½". This gun is in practically unused original condition, as can be seen in the photographs. Price £1,800
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BROWNING B25 12 bore D4G lightweight game, Barrels 26⅜", solid game rib, choke ¼ & ½ 3 piece forend , Stock 14⅜" with silvers type solid rubber recoil pad. Weight 7lbs 2ozs. Price £5,500
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A14-15, 14 and 12

BROWNING B25 12 bore Lightweight Game. Choice of 3 @ £700 each
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NEWLY FINISHED CUSTOM BROWNING B25 20 bore. Barrels 26⅜" with ventilated Game 6mm rib. Choke approximately ¼ & ¾ Stock 15" and highly figured, weight 6lbs 12ozs, one piece forend made to look like 3 piece forend.
Action Beautifully Engraved by Master Engraver P. Jacoby. Price £15,000
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BROWNING B25 20 bore B1 Lightweight Game, Barrels 30”, with solid Game rib 6mm tapering to 4mm, Choke full & full.  Well figured straight hand Stock with one piece Game forend, 15¼" with 1⅜" wooden extension.  Price £3,500
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A14-35 and 36

Newly Finished PAIR OF CUSTOM BROWNINGS B25s, 20 bore, Barrels 30" with solid 6mm rib, tapering to 4mm, Chokes full and full, Action profusely engraved D5G style, guns numbered 1 & 2 in gold. 3 piece forend, half pistol grip, Stocks 15½" and beautifully figured. Weight 6lbs 11ozs. Cased in best quality English Motor Case together with a protective canvass outer case.
These guns are made to the Highest Possible Quality
Price £38,500
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BROWNING B25 12 bore Model C2 GAME Barrels 30", solid 6mm Game Rib, Choke ⅝ & ⅞, One piece Game forend, Stock 14¾" half pistol grip and beautifully figured, finished with Browning Butt Plate. This is a beautiful totally original gun having had very little use.
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Pair of CUSTOM BROWNING 20 bores, Barrels 32", full and full with solid 6mm tapering to 4mm ribs, D5G style engraving, 3 piece forends, Stocks 15⅜" Beautifully figured matching. Weight 6lbs 8ozs, complete with best quality English motor case with canvas outer cover.
Pricce £38,500
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BROWNING B25 GRADE 1 over and under 9.3 x 62 Express Rifle, very nice original condition, little used. Stock 14¼", straight hand. Weight 7lbs 1ozs
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BROWNING B25 20 bore, Barrels 28", 6mm ventilated rib, excellent condition, Stock 14⅜", Pistol Grip.
Price £3,500
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BROWNING B25 GRADE 1 .410 Barrels 28", skeet chokes. Stock 14⅜" pistol grip. This gun is in near new condition, very little used.
Price £4,500
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E.J. Churchill XXV Sidelock Ejector

2" Chambers, Weight 5lbs 9ozs., Chokes Full & Full, 14⅝" Well figured stock, Action full covererage, heavy scroll engraving with gold crown on breast of action, indicating this is the "Crown Model". We are selling this gun on behalf of a client.
A Bargain Price £4,750
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Browning 12 bore B25 A1 Light weight Game 26½" barrels, 2¾" chambers, chokes ½ & ¼, stock 14⅜", weight 6lbs 11ozs.This gun is in nice condition.
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Browning B25 20 bore / 9.3 x 74R with 20 bore barrels: 26½" barrels, 3" chambers, chokes ½ & full, weight 6lbs 8ozs, stock 14" over rubber recoil pad, 9.3 x 74R barrels 25½" long with good quality swing off scope mounts to take a 30mm scope, weight with rifle barrels 7lbs 12ozs. Cased in very good quality "AMERICASE" fitted out with burgundy baize and inlet nickel plated oil bottle and 20 bore snap caps.
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Custom Browning B25 12 bore, 206 Special Sporting style 30" barrels, 13mm (midi) rib; chokes ¾ and full; 2¾" chambers; profusely engraved action with foliage and game scene; 3 partridge on the left side; 4 ducks on the right side, a woodcock on the breast of the action. Engraving signed by the Master Engraver Ernst. L; 14⅞ very well figured stock with full pistol grip.
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Custom Browning B25 12 bore Game/Sporting, 28" barrels; 13mm (midi) vent rib; chokes ⅜ and ⅝, 2¾" chambers; action with Windsor OR style engraving with gold inlay by Master Engraver Ernst. L.; 14⅞" very well figured stock with full pistol grip.
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Custom Browning B25, 12 bore Game/Sporting; 27½" barrels; 8mm ventilated rib; chokes ⅝ and full, 2¾" chambers; action fully engraved with foliage and game scene by master engraver Ernst. L; 14⅞" Exhibition grade stock with full pistol grip and game/sporting forend.
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Newly finished Browning Custom side plate Game Gun, 28” barrels, ½" & full chokes 8mm vent rib, 7lbs 8ozs. Very well figured 15” half pistol grip stock; action with bold foliage and game scene engraving, ducks and partridge.
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Pre-owned F. Defourney 7x65R Box-lock ejector Rifle Barrels 24” with open sights, Stock: 14¾" well figures pistol grip. This rifle is of very high quality by this prominent Belgian maker and appears to be unused and it groups very well with 173g bullet.
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Browning 205 Special Sporting Grade C1, pre-owned. 27½" barrels, ¼” x ½" chokes, Vent 12mm rib, 7lbs 5ozs, well figured stock 14½" pistol grip.
Sale Price £3,500
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12 bore self opening side-lock ejector sporting shotgun, Barrels 26" with Churchill style rib; Chokes approx ¼" & ½"; Stock well figured 15¼" with Prince of Wales grip & leather covered recoil pad. Manufactured April 1960, retaining much original colour hardening, in very good condition, Cased in lightweight case.
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20 Bore A.Y.A. no.2 side-lock ejector shotgun. Barrels 27", Chokes Imp. Cyl. & ⅜", Chambers 2¾", hand detachable locks, Stock 14¾", Weight 6lbs 2ozs. This is a very little used gun, in almost new condition, selling on behalf of a client at a very attractive price of £3,250, a considerable saving on the new price, which is in the region of £6000.
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PRE-OWNED BROWNINGS B25 Grade 1 superposed; in choice of barrels as follows:-

  • 20 bore in 26½", 28", 30" & 32"
  • 28 bore in 28", 30" & 32"
  • .410" 28" & 30"

All are in very good pre-owned condition
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We are now taking orders for pairs and single guns, 12 month delivery, in barrel lengths, 26", 28", 30" and 32"